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About Gauge

  • What happens when I sign in through Steam?top

    Gauge will import the publicly available data about your Steam library from the Steam community website. We don't gain any special or elevated access to your Steam account. Signing in only allows Gauge to identify you within the Steam community.

  • What is Gauge?top

    Gauge is an analytic platform for Steam gamers. Mining publicly available data, Gauge can help anyone with a Steam account make better buying decisions, and even save some money. We believe analytics can help individual consumers as much as it helps big business.

  • What are you doing with my data?top

    We intend to use your information to provide game consumers with more pertinent analytics for making purchasing decisions. We're turning analytics on its head - we want to use data to empower the individual consumer rather than big businesses.

    We are strongly against giving away or selling any individual user information to third parties.

  • I want to delete my profile, where can I do this?top

    If you've tried Gauge but didn't find it useful and want your personal data (costs, ratings, etc.) deleted, you can sign in and then click here to start the process. Please note that deleting your profile is a permanent change and we cannot retrieve lost data. You may want to export your Library using the CSV export tool beforehand.

  • What's next for Gauge?top

    Multi-Currency Support — We're working to bring multi-currency support for those of you that are outside of the US / Canada. In the mean time, go ahead and enter your personal costs as if dollars were equal to your local currency. When we roll this feature out, we won't change your costs when you switch from dollars.

    Predictions — We are currently working on providing personalized predictions to enhance the community wide statistics that are current available. Instead of using every member of the Gauge community to make predictions, we'll be grouping similar gamers together to provide our members more accurate predictions, based on their actual gameplay behaviour.

Your Game Library

  • How does Gauge know how long I've played my games?top

    Steam records how long you've played a game and publishes that information on its community website. Gauge merely imports that data into your Gauge Library. Every time you sign into Gauge, the hours you've played, and any new games you've bought, are imported automatically from Steam. You can also manually import changes from Steam by clicking the update link on the top of your Library page.

  • Why should I care about cost per hour?top

    At its core, Gauge tries to present the most relevant numbers to help you make better purchasing decisions. We feel that the cost paid for a game, divided by the amount of time that game is played, provides a good statistic for evaluating games. The lower the average cost per hour, the better ‘value’ Gauge ascribes to the game.

  • What is my Gauge Value?top

    Gauge calculates an average cost per hour across your entire Library. This is your personal Gauge Value. If you find a game with a lower average cost than your Gauge Value, it should be a good buy.

  • The prices in my cost column are wrong?top

    When Gauge first imports your Library, the cost column is pre-populated with the last known Steam price for each game. This won't always reflect what you paid, but it’s a decent place to start. To get the most out of Gauge, you’re encouraged to add in the actual cost that you paid for each game, so your Gauge Value becomes even more accurate.

  • I don't remember what I paid for a game, what can I do?top

    The first place to look is directly on Steam. You can view your store transactions by clicking here.

    Unfortunately Steam doesn't show the cost for every game in your Library. Games that were gifted to you, or included in a bundle won't have individual price breakdowns.

    If you can't find every price directly from Steam, the next best thing will be to use a third party price tracking site to make a guess at what you paid. You can also check your credit card or banking records to see if you can find the information there.

  • How accurate should my costs be?top

    That is entirely up to you. Gauge works best when numbers are personalized, so your ‘average cost’ and Gauge Value gets better as you edit your numbers. Of course some folks need precision, while others like to approximate. Choose what works best for you.

  • The hours recorded by Steam are wrong, what can I do?top

    We know that Steam isn't 100% accurate when recording hours played. Sometimes they miss time, and obviously they can’t track how long you played Skyrim outside of Steam. So Gauge lets you update the hours you played with more accurate values. Add or subtract time when you know Steam isn't correct. This makes your Gauge Value even more accurate.

  • I've updated my hours played, will my changes get overwritten later?top

    Gauge maintains two values for hours played. One comes from Steam, the other comes from you. When Gauge pulls updates from Steam, only the Steam hours get updated. Keeping the values separate should keep the total hours accurate.

  • What is the "ignored game" list?top

    Steam includes items in your Library that are unsuitable to include on Gauge. Downloadable content, demos, betas, and extras are examples of miscellaneous stuff that just skews your Gauge Value. Add them to your ignored games list, and include their cost and play time into other items in your Library. You can do this by clicking the "ignore game" button, located beside each item in your Library.

  • Can I mark games in my Library as finished?top

    Yes! You can click the checkbox next to each game in Your Library to indicate that you've finished playing a game. Once you've marked the games you want, you can toggle between viewing your library with finished and unfinished games filtered out by using the dropdown menu in the column header.

The Watchlist

  • Gauge provides a Watchlist, where you can add games that you want to track. When games hit the price you designate, Gauge highlights the game, letting you know it’s time to buy.

  • What can I enter in the notification limit field?top

    Numbers which are interpreted as dollar values: 5, 5.5, 5.50, $5.50, $1,000, etc.

    +/- percentages which will be used to calculate a dollar value:
      25% = 0.25 * price.
     -25% = (1 - 0.25) * price.

  • Why track cost per hour in the Watchlist?top

    Gauge always maintains the cost per hour of every game. They can change dramatically if there is a Steam sale, or as a new game is played by more people. The Watchlist lets you track this number as another way to make sure you don’t miss any great deals.

Steam Private Profile

  • Why am I seeing a private profile warning?top

    You have set your profile as private within the Steam Community. Unfortunately, Gauge requires your Steam profile be public so that it can update your library information. We don't yet have a way to crawl your data when your Steam profile has been marked as private.

  • How do I update my Steam privacy settings?top

    1. Open your Steam account privacy settings.
    2. Under "Profile Status" click "Public - Viewable by anyone on the World-wide-web":
    3. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
    4. Close the Steam page.
    5. Click the update link on Your Library page.